Top Choices of Wearable Technology for the Safety and Security of Seniors!

If your loved one is already a senior, it is essential to give him or her something for his or her safety and security. Good thing, wearable technology is already available today. This promises various capabilities from answering phone calls, text messaging and GPS. Below are the Health IT Outcomes’ top choices of wearable technology for you to consider:

Active Protectant

On top of the choices of Health IT Outcomes is the active protectant that can be worn as a belt. This actually deploys a pillow that looks like an airbag over the hips. This will protect your loved one from any medical complications. Falling is a medical issue that makes this product extremely useful.

Smart Sock

There are a lot of wearable technology options highlighted by the Health IT Outcomes. But, one of the best of these options is the smart sock. This is designed for diabetics’ seniors that can alert them for possible risks of foot ulcers.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are easy and convenient for your senior loved ones to use. They are valuable to use when it comes to living a life independently. They can be worn as a pendant and they can be pressed on by a button, especially if they need help or if they unexpectedly fall.

Daily Activity Wearables

It is very essential to make use of daily activity wearables. For instance, Safety Watch from Lively is an option that is a lot better than the others. This uses many different sensors that are attached to the door of a refrigerator or of pill boxes. That way, you will be able to eat the right way and take the right medication as needed.

Now, you have learned more about the Health IT Outcomes top choices of wearable technology for the safety and security of seniors!