To Take Or Not To Take The Hard Choice Of A Pregnancy Test

The inception of pregnancy in human body usually occurs with a large number of changes; both behavioral and in nature to the pregnant woman. While the discerning of whether one is pregnant or not can be pretty simple to a curious or experienced eye, the choice of when to take pregnancy tests and the subsequent measures that come with the realization that one is pregnant can be prove confusing to many, especially for first time pregnancies. Pregnancy tests can be taken at any time, but mostly, this would be in the following occasions and circumstances.

After unprotected sex

Unprotected sex comes with a lot of its downs. Among the risks would be the contraction of venereal diseases like HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea and getting pregnant. The catch of the whole experience occurs when one misses periods, or exhibits any of the signs associated with possible pregnancy after such happenings.

  • In such occasions, it is highly advisable that you take pregnancy tests and also get tested for venereal diseases to dispel of any fears

During medical procedures

Exhibition of pregnancy signs comes with a lot of changes. In the course of diagnosis and treatment, doctors would often advise that one takes a pregnancy test to determine the possible cause of sickness or to change the drugs that are to be administered.

When one exhibits common pregnancy signs

Sometimes one can get pregnant by default rather than design. The exhibition of typical pregnancy signs would not be conclusive of pregnancy in one. Typical pregnancy signs normally include;

  • Mood swings
  • Nausea with or without vomiting in the morning
  • Craving for certain kinds of food and detesting others
  • Missing of consecutive periods
  • Breasts getting tender, sensitive and feeling fuller and heavier

In circumstances where such are exhibited over a period of time, pregnancy tests would be important to confirm or dispel the presence of a developing fetus; for more information you need to research more.


Pregnancy tests are very important. Their working, possible faults and time of use should probably be knowledge that is available to every one person in order to dispel of fears and rumors. If you want more information on same topic here then wait till next post.