Meet the BendDesk- A Revolutionary Computer Desk Combo For The Work Space

Computers are a vital part of any workstation. Unfortunately, not all of us have the enough space to fit a working desk, a computer and other commodities that we need in our workstation. Do you know so many talented people have been made a working prototype of a desk that also doubles as an enormous, multi touch computer? Yes that’s right! Malte Weiss, Simon Voelker and Jan Borchers are in top of the list.

This new revolutionary computer- desk duo is called the BendDesk. Its amazing design features a desk that has both a vertical and horizontal surface. The BendDesk has a curved surface so there’s no break between the two surfaces. These surfaces are connected to one and another and you can easily use either while working. So, work faster with this BendDesk! You can use both surfaces at the same time while you sort important documents or photographs from a trip you took recently.

The BendDesk offers a whole new experience as you begin working. Gone are the days of tedious shuffling about documents, looking for the nearest charging port for your laptop, and constantly worrying about the cramped conditions of your work room. This product is great for people who face space limitations and would love to find a better solution. And BendDesk is the better solution! Work faster with this BendDesk. Its curved surface design offers a smooth transition between the surfaces as well as an area to store your files digitally, so they can be in front of you at all times.

Trust us, this work desk is perfect for you. With this, your work place productivity is bound to increase, as well as your level of comfort. All you’ll need after getting the BendDesk is room and chair to start working.